This website is the analytical component of a thesis project designed, researched and implemented entirely by Heidi Ogle, a graduate student in the Department of Geography and Planning at California State University, Chico. Heidi has Bachelor of Arts Degrees in History and American Studies and a Certificate in Geographic Information Systems from Chico State. Upon completion of her thesis defense, a link to the written component of this research will be made available here.

Throughout the past decade, Heidi has worked with Cultural Resource Managers and anthropologists, helping them achieve their research and project objectives. She has developed and implemented a Historical GIS for the National Park Service and worked with various Northern California tribes to develop Cultural Resource Geographic Information Systems to help manage sacred sites and deliver accurate and effective maps. All correspondence regarding this website or any other inquiries may be emailed directly to Heidi by clicking .

A project of this magnitude would not have been possible without the interminable support and guidance of Heidi's thesis advisor Dr. Eugenie Rovai. An endeavor that never seemed to end, few faculty would have remained committed to the cause and confident of the outcome. Thanks Doc! You are one in a million! Dr. Rovai received her Ph.D from Clark University in 1990 and has been teaching in Chico State's Geography Department since the Fall 1991. From 2000-2006, Dr. Rovai was the Geography Department Chair and in the Fall of 2004, took over as the Social Science Program Coordinator, a position she still holds today.

Dr. Scott Brady received his Ph.D from Louisiana State University in 1996. A cultural geographer and consummate inquirer of the built environment, Dr. Brady's eye for the landscape pattern and change is a cornerstone of this research.

Instructor and local professional land use planner for the past 30 years, Pam Figge has been an anchor in Chico's historic preservation community for decades. Her work with the City of Chico helped develop a historic landmark overlay zone in 1998, an effort which put an end to over-the-counter demolitions permits in Chico's historic neighborhoods. Pam received her Masters Degree from Chico State in 1993.

Over 1,500 deeds are included in this research, each of which was made available by through a generous contribution by the Butte County Clerk-Recorder, Candace Grubbs. The imposition of the standard copy fee would have made the collection of these resources cost-prohibitive. By waiving those fees and making the resources available to digitally recapture, this work is much more effective and compelling. My deepest gratitude and appreciation is owed to Mrs. Grubbs and all the folks at the Recorders Office. Thank you.

Documentation from research conducted in the 1980's and 1990's from which the National Register Historic District was designated is also made available here thanks to the hardworking folks at the Chico Heritage Association. Without their diligence and determination to see Chico's heritage preserved, this town would never be the idyllic gem of the North Valley that it is today.

The Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps were digitally captured and georeferenced for inclusion in this research. The California State University Chico, Special Collections Department granted access to the 1884, 1886, 1902, 1921, 1954 and 1957 Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps within its collection. The 1890, 1909, 1938, 1941, 1951, 1955 and 1960 maps were recovered from the California State University Northridge, Sanborn Map Library.

Thousands of photographs have been digitized and made available to the public through the California State University Chico, Special Collections Department. Images digitized and made available before the summer of 2012 that are of significance to this research have been directly linked.

Butte County parcel spatial data was used as a basis from which the entire spatial database was constructed. This dataset was made available from the GIS department at the City of Chico.

The Geographic Information Center hosts the historical spatial data on their server.